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The debut, independent, creator-owned comic from UK artist Andrew Tunney.

Set in Manchester, England it charts the relationship of two young lovers;
one called Girl, the other called Boy.

Andrew Tunney

KT Coope


"Ladies, you will high-five Andrew Tunney immediately. Promise"

Page 45


"Andrew Tunney is a major talent waiting to happen. And hopefully Girl & Boy is just the start."

Richard Bruton - Forbidden Planet


“GIRL & BOY signals the arrival of a Manchester-based comic creator ready to compete at a global level…
Says more in its painfully short 28 pages than many people achieve in a career…
the standard of work here is on a par with some of the biggest names in the comics industry…
9 out of 10”

P. M Buchan - Starburst Magazine

“It kind of makes me wish I’d never encouraged him, he’ll put us all to shame.”

Adam Cadwell (The Everyday, Blood Blokes)
- Forbidden Planet Int. “Best Of Year List 2011”

“GIRL & BOY goes where few comics have gone before…
Tunney skillfully misdirects the reader then guides him/her through an unexpected arc
from hedonism to heartbreak to self-discovery.”

Oneil Edwards - Comic Book Snob




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36 pages. Self-Published. US Comic format. Mature Content.



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Girl&Boy. November 2011. Girl&Boy and any related characters are copyright Andrew Tunney © 2011. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means (except for short excerpts for review purposes), without the express written consent of the author. All names, characters, events and locales in this publication are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or places, without satirical intent, is coincidental.